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Developing your Resilience

What does Resilience mean to us? How do we cope when we feel our Resilience is compromised and what things affect it? How can we build our Resilience?

There's so much to understand when it comes to being aware of and developing our resilience. It's not strength nor weakness. It's a constant learning and interpretation of ourselves, but also something more fundamental to our individuality.

This is the first in a series of articles exploring what 'Resilience' is. Is it important? Where do we get our resilience from? Is it formed from nature, nurture or a combination of both? What impacts our resilience; positive or negative?

Resilience from Daily Adversity

A video version of the article above which explores the sources of our resilience.

Why are these sources so important to our wellbeing?

What things would we consider when influencing our resilience levels?


The second in this Resilience Series.

This article explores how perception affects our resilience and looks at what things we can consider if we would like to try a new approach.

The Perception of Resilience

Between 2015 and 2016, the UK workplace lost some 11.7 million working days to stress, anxiety and depression (HSE, 2016).

Building personal and organisational resilience is becoming recognised as a joint effort between employee and employer.

Resilience in the MODERN WORKPLACE

What is it about exercise and breaking a sweat that makes us feel not only physically better but also helps our mind feel more at ease?

In the fourth edition of the Resilience Series - Exercising for Emotional Resilience. I'm exploring exercise, the chemicals it produces and how they help our mental wellbeing.

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