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The Foster Practice


Integrated Counselling Coaching

It can be frustrating to find that life issues are impacting our performance at work or vice versa. Integrated Counselling and Coaching provides practical assistance for home or workplace issues. It incorporates the benefits of counselling work with the practicality of coaching.

For most, a discussion with a family member, friend or colleague can help. However, there are times when this approach is simply not appropriate.

The Counselling and Coaching approach addresses the challenges an individual may face whilst building on their personal skills development. This may include areas such as independent thinking, problem solving, ownership, communication and resilience.

I work both privately with individuals or with businesses. Given how unique each business and individual is, The Foster Practice provides a bespoke service that can include one to one sessions, facilitated group discussions, training or combined needs.

An initial face to face consultation can give you an opportunity to understand more of Integrated Counselling & Coaching.

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