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The Foster Practice


Fertility and Infertility

Many of us go through the journey that is often labelled 'infertility' or 'fertility'. These two words can often evoke strong emotions.

When individuals or couples experience challenges in becoming a parent, the experience can be incredibly difficult and, at times, a distressing experience. 

We often find that we focus on the practical aspects of clinical interventions, whilst trying to manage our own feelings and conflicts. Sometimes we need to take a breath and explore what we need. It can often feel as though no one understands us. We often feel we simply can't discuss our thoughts with loved ones.

The issues we may see in this work include; the treatment journey, egg or sperm donation, surrogacy, miscarriage and bereavement. There is also the painful experience of planning for a different future.

Counselling can be used to help explore where you want to go next. This can be particularly helpful when making difficult and emotional choices.

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