Sport Performance (Hypnotherapy)

When you learn to drive a car; first you do using your conscious mind, aware of everything you are doing. You will concentrate to ensure that you don't make a mistake.  As you become more experienced, this activity eventually becomes sub-conscious. You may have had the experience of driving somewhere and not remembering the journey. This is your sub conscious working and allowing your conscious mind to focus on other thoughts. 

The same can be said for sport. Goal kicks, golf swings, running or swimming technique. Athletes, professional or amateur, work hard to build muscle memory and improve on technique. Once a technique is learnt, you often hear athletes verbalise challenges they have. For example, 'committing', self belief or sticking to their original goal. Sometimes this can then lead to 'nemesis' situations; 'I never do well at that hole/venue', or perhaps 'I never play well against him/her'.

Success comes from the strong technical skill married with a strong state of mind to minimise underperformance or giving in to nerves. Hypnotherapy seeks to engage an athlete's mind in a positive way to help them focus on their goals and achieve them by trying to control negative thoughts and emotions and helping them stay in the ‘zone’. This means that they get totally absorbed in what they are doing and barely notice outside distractions when performing at their best.

Hypnotherapy can assist in the following ways:
  • Confidence building
  • Managing inhibiting thoughts
  • Rehearsal and guided imagery
  • Body awareness and relaxation
  • Goal setting and strategising
  • Stress Management
  • Focus and distraction management
  • Techniques to manage nerves
As with all the areas discussed for hypnotherapy, each client will have their own unique challenges and desired outcomes. As such, each treatment plan will vary. 

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