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Counselling and Coaching Fees

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All clients have an initial, free telephone consultation allowing you to talk through your expectations and needs prior to the appointment. It's a good time to make sure that everything 'feels' right for you.

All fees are taken at the start of each session via cash, cheque, bank transfer or paypal. Booking a group of sessions will require up front payment.

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Individual Counselling and Coaching **

Counselling is most beneficial with a minimum 6 - 8 sessions. If you require longer term sessions of 6 months to a year. Most new clients follow the suggested minimum and save 10% by booking a group of 6 sessions. It’s equally important that clients feel comfortable, so payment per session does not discount the discount on reaching the 6th session.

(Please note: The 10% discount is only available to private clients due to administration costs for other agencies)

* The Foster Practice and Zoe Foster are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office and ensure data protection in line with their policy. If you have any questions, please ask. 

** Appointments cancelled within 24 hrs will be charged at full rate.

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